Basic Publishing Package:
We provide:
Free review of your manuscript.
It is easy to submit your manuscript to us. If you have email, please attach your work to an email
and send to Provide your name, address, telephone number, and any
other pertinent information in the body of the email. We will contact you immediately when we
receive it. Please see our Submit Your Manuscript page for exact format and size. We review
your work to determine if the writing meets our standards or if it needs to be revised in
structure, content, or changed. We will make recommendations to you. You decide if we go

When your manuscript is accepted.
When we have accepted your manuscript for publication, we will make an offer to you of the
price for our services. This will include everything, listed here, that we provide. You make the
decision to move forward or decline the offer. Our offer will also be made in writing and
emailed, or mailed to you.

Professional editing of your complete manuscript.
We review grammar, sentence structure, spelling, content, flow of work, and make suggestions
to ensure your manuscript is free of errors and excellent quality. We will email you a copy wth
edits suggested. We do recommend these changes be made, but it is your decision. We have  
never had any of our authors refuse our suggestions.

Creating your format.
Once all revisions have been made, we will format to the appropriate size for the book.
Standard paperback, perfect bound is 5.5" by 8.5", or 6" x 9". Some of the books need to be
8.5" by 11". We will make suggestions for your size of book and binding options. We format all
pages, adding headers, page numbers, title, and copyright page, A forward, acknowledgement
page and the table of contents.

Cover Design.
We have many options for the design of your cover. Some authors want us to use stock
photos, or photos they provide to create a simple, clean, and attractive cover. This is the least
expensive cover. If we are designing your cover, we will email examples for you to choose
from and let us know what revisions you would like. For a more dramatic cover, we suggest  
hiring a professional illustrator. We can make referrals of artists we have worked with or
people we know in the industry. An illustrated cover can cost anywhere from $150.00 to
$1,000.00. It is your decision.

Filings and numbers.
ISBN (International Standard, Book Number), Barcode, Copyright, and Library of Congress
Number. We file and provide these items for your book.

Proof of your book.
We will email you the proof of your book once all revisions and edits have been made. It is
extremely important you take your time to review the book. We will also include the final copy
of the cover and all other pertinent pages. If you have any changes that need to be made,
email those to us as soon as possible. We need an email copy of the revisions.

Your book is ready for printing.
When all revisions, corrections, and copies, have been approved by you and our company, it is
ready to print. We will order a proof book that will be mailed to you in a few weeks. Please
review the proof book carefully. Any revisions can be made in the proof book and mailed to us.
If they are minor, email corrections. Those will be made and the book sent to printing. The
printing process takes 4 to 5 weeks and will be delivered to your address by UPS. When we
receive a tracking number for your package, we will email you the number. It will have the
destination and delivery date. Please make sure someone will be available to accept the books.

When you receive your books.
When the books are being shipped to you, we will receive ten books, from your order, to keep
in our office for sales. will email us when your book has been
purchased and we confirm and mail your book to the buyer. We also email you the buyer's name
and address. We recommend that you send a Thank You note to this person and include a
request that they write a review of the book on The review is very important,
especially if they give your book a five star rating. Five star ratings move your book up closer
to the top 100 selling books.

Free Marketing Tools.
We design and provide you with 50 business cards and 50 brochures free. We will send you a
proof before we print.  If you would like more, there is a fee.
We upload your complete book to to be sold on their webpage. Amazon does  take
a fee once a book is sold. Their fees for a $15.00 book are usually $3.56 per book. You receive
$11.44 on each sale. If your book sells for $10.00, Amazon fee is usually $2.86. You will receive
$7.14 per book sold. Amazon does provide us with the $3.99 shipping cost, so we can mail
immediately. We let you know as soon as possible, by email or telephone , when a book is sold.
We upload your eBook to to be downloaded by buyers from their website. The
$15.00 price books, on Amazon, would sell for $3.99 on The $10.00 price books on
Amazon, would sell for $2.99. Kindle does take a fee. Their fee is $.95 for the $2.99 download
and $1.24 for the $3.99 download. You receive $2.04 for the $2.99 or  $2.75 for the $3.99. Kindle
sends us reports of the purchases, but not the name of the buyer.

Royalty Payments to You.
We collect all reports from and every four months. April 30, August 31,
and December 31. We calculate the royalties and mail you a check for online purchases. You
will also receive a report that gives the following information: Your name, name of book,  
month sold, number sold, and amount of royalty for both Kindle and Amazon sales.

Cost of Publishing.
Every book is different in size, formatting, page count, and whether it has black and white or
color pictures. All books have a color back page, last page in the book, with the author's
picture and biography. If the author has more than one book, the first page of  the book will be
color for marketing the author's books. All the author's book covers and titles will be listed


Mentoring Program
For our first-time writers, who have not completed their manuscript, we offer free
mentoring. We work with the author where they are in their book, make edits,
suggestions, and mentor them to enhance their writing. This is an invaluable tool to
assist the authors. We are the only publisher that provides this service free.

We provide everything, as your publisher, so you can concentrate on writing. We provide
excellent service, product, and support. We are always available!

If you have any questions, please call @ 903-833-6273, or email to
Shari Parker
We have so much to authors. We provide
unique services to fit your needs.
Please review our services and contact us for
more information.