Steve Daniels, professional artist
and illustrator.
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Steve has worked as an illustrator since
1963. He became staff artist for the Air
Force producing artist concepts of top
secret aircraft during the Viet Nam war.
Then for two years he was art director for
the publications department at the Medical
University in Charleston, South Carolina
designing all printed material for the eight
colleges in the University system. Moving
back to his home state of North Carolina,
Steve designed and built the exhibits for
three public aquariums on the NC coast for
several years. For the past 30 years, Steve
and his wife Carol have been operating
their own art studio in the mountains of
North Carolina. Along with writing novels,
Steve writes and illustrates children’s
books. He also illustrates children’s books
and novel covers for many other authors.
Sketch artist and illustrator
Lynzee Benoit.

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We are so proud to introduce  two of our
independent  illustrators who are available for all
of our authors and new author family members.
I have loved working with all of these amazing
artists. They are so talented and so easy to work
with. They create the cutest characters, landscapes,
amazing book covers and more. Their designs are all
unique. We are so glad they are part of out family!!
Shari Parker
Chad Tyson
Contact us if you are
interested in Chad
creating a unique
illustrated cover