Bridget Nye, is a precious 9 year old that has 3 published books.
She loves to write about her adventures and mysteries. Her books
Bridget’s Trips, The School Yard Crazy Summer and The School
Yard Series Mystery Mountain
. She loves to travel to book shows
and schools to talk to children about reading. She donates some
of her profits to the Alzheimer's Association in memory of her
grandfather. Contact Bridget at nyefampart@
Dr. Jerry Wesson is the writer of the Miracle on FM 1735. The History
of Northeast Texas Community College.
 It is a compilation of the
years of creation, organization, and success of  East Texas
Community College in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. The story tells of the
dream in building a college with the community and the success of
many years of hard work. It is available from the college in black
and white, color, and hardback.  Contact Jerry at
Deanna Klingel has a very heavy traveling schedule, meeting  
people, and selling her books. She has  seven books previously  
released and her newest book
Rock And A Hard Place  A Lithuanian
Love Story
was released in March of 2014. It is a true story of a
young boy and girl growing up in Lithuania. When Russia invaded
Lithuania, it changed their lives forever. The is an amazing story
with struggles, constant changes and love. Her books are
available on and
Contact Deanna at
Ellie Taylor has been an Impressionist artist for 30+ years. She
loves to share her experiences and stories while she paints at art
shows and events. We are creating a full color table-top book of
150 of her paintings. It was hard for her to decide which ones to
use.  Her first book is Celebration of Texas. It includes her favorite
places and scenes she painted as she traveled Texas. There will
be more books in the future of other states.                                
Contact Ellie at
Annis Jones is a retired registered nurse who taught nursing for
making and following a plan. Her experiences as a wife, mother,
teacher and one who has walked with the Lord for many years, has
encouraged her to share this journal on prayer. Her book
My Time
With The Lord
is a prayer journal for all ages. Available on
Contact  Annis at
Dr. Ray McDonald holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, and a
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He has over 20 years of hands on
experience working with children, youth, families, and the elderly.
He has been employed in both the private and public sectors,
working of non-profit and for-profit organizations. Dr. McDonald’s
objective is to utilize his knowledge, skills, and educational
background to inspire individuals.
His book
Growing Mature Not Old: Do Not Be Alarmed ,will help  you
overcome misconceptions about aging, realize life is not over,
consistently have hope, and never give up! Contact Ray
Noelle Hood is the creator of Let’s Play in the Dirt! A North Texas
Vegetable Garden Primer. It is full of helpful hints and information
on PH levels, dirt vs. sand, pesticides, and more. Her alias is The
Garden Gal and owns and operates North Texas Garden School.
An occasional garden contributor to the Dallas Morning News, she
authors monthly garden columns in the Cross Timbers Gazette of
Denton County, Texas; in the Gilmer Mirror of Gilmer, Texas and a
weekly garden article for the Cypress Basin Master Gardeners
Association in the Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune of Mount
Pleasant, Texas.
Contact Noelle at
Ben Hagins : “I had never written a poem in my life until the night
we moved into our “get-away” place that I named — -SLICE of
HEAVEN. That special night began my poetry career, and on
future trips to our SLICE of HEAVEN, I would continue this writing
based on actual situations. I envision this book to be the kind
that you can open to any page at any time and read a poem or a
narrative, and then reflect inwardly.”  Ben and his wife Kathy,
now reside in Waco, Texas, very near their son, Trey, and his
family.  Ben enjoys golf, church, Nite Writers, and Waco Links
Fellowship. Contact Ben at
Shari Parker


We are so proud of all of your Publishing House
Family. We work together to make every author and
book a success!  Our youngest author is 8 years old.
Our authors are so excited to be able to get their
books out to sell in 3 months from start to finish. We
deliver the books for you to sell and teach you how
and where to sell them.
We also market extensively through our Publishing
House  website, trade and book shows, and personal
Our marketing services are free to all our authors.
Worldwide, Alzheimer’s disease has afflicted nearly twenty seven million
persons.  Presently, 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease.  
This number is expected to grow to as many as 16 million by 2050 in this country
alone.  There will be one in 85 people living with the disease. While we have seen
deaths tied to other chronic conditions decrease, the numbers of people impacted
by Alzheimer’s disease continues to grow. This book covers: Alzheimer’s Disease
Defined, Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, Strategies when Assisting The   
Alzheimer’s Patient, The Caregiver . Learn what you should know about the
disease and how your family can assist in caring for the patient.
A.J. Chilson was born in Dallas, Texas in 1984. He has been a writer for much of
his adult life; mostly as a poet and opinion writer. Aside from being a writer, A.J.
is a big sports fan who likes to spend the fall and winter months watching
football. Uncle Jack Choices for Life is Chilson's first children's book, which is
loosely revolved around his Christian testimony. Currently, he lives in Princeton,
The autobiography of the wonderful life of Colonel Kay Wieland
Retired. It includes his 88 years of life, his 60+ years of
marriage, one daughter, Diana, and 28 years in the Army.