Larry Black is the creator of the Scroggins Family Book Series. In
10 books he tells of exciting adventures about a family starting
on a small farm in the 1940’s. He shares their love, life,
adventures, mysteries, fears, and successes as they go through
the generations. Larry's books are a must read. Start with Family
Honor and read all ten books. They will warm you, entertain you
and give you a since of family, values and honor. His books are
available on Amazon or from Larry.  Since retiring, he has two full
time jobs.  For one, he and Martha, his wife,  own and operate a
Boer goat farm (Little Creek Farms) in the South Franklin
community, and secondly he is a preacher at the Blodgett Church
of Christ.  Between the two, Larry never has a shortage of
anything to do.  Contact Larry at  903-588-4253, lblk@peoplescom.
Paul Paris has written 2 books. It's All Good and Amazing Faith A
Walk With Cancer
. Life is Good was written for his 2 children about
life and things he wanted to tell them.  
Amazing Faith is the story
of his wife’s, Marilyn, 4 year battle with cancer. It is about Hope,
Love and Faith.  It has helped so many people deal with heartache
and loss.  His books are available on and Kindle.
Contact Paul Paris at or 903-573-6084.
Janice Monk Glass is a member of Northeast Texas Writers
Organization, National Association of American Pen Women,
and Texarkana Writers Workshop. She has written many books
and is writing more.
Her stories are published in the
Writers Among Us Anthology.
Contact Janice at
Allan Wren lives at Eagle Acres Ranch on the east side of town
where he oversees a herd of animals and wild children.
His stories are published in the
Writers Among Us  Anthology.  
He is always by his daughter’s side encouraging her to write
and become famous.
Contact: Allen
Haylee Wren is a smart 10-year-old girl that writes stories all the
time. She goes to Gary E. Cobb Middle School as a 5th grader.  
She also likes to draw and illustrate. Haylee started writing at
age 3.  She likes to hang out and laugh with her friends and her
dad right by her side.
Her first story was published in the
Writers Among Us Anthology
for the Texarkana Writers Group. She is on the road these days
doing book signing and writing. The Anthology is available on
Amazon and Kindle.
Floyd Rumbaugh has been writing stories and poetry for a
half century. He mixes fiction or fact with his personal
experiences both good and bad. The stories are intertwined
with humor and philosophy that keep readers wanting more.
He has 2 books published: Just Passing Thru and The Wright
Family Saga. He is working on more books. His books are
available on Amazon and Kindle.
Contact Floyd :
Outdoor Adventures are only a few of the hunting stories that
V. Ross Jones has experienced. Ross was born in Linden,
Texas. At the age of 1 year old, his parents moved to Texarkana,
Texas. He graduated high school in 1958 and went into the
These hunting and fishing trips were afforded to him through
locations all over the U.S. and Alaska, while in the military.           
His book
Outdoor Adventure Stories  Hunting  Fishing is available
Contact Ross:
Carl Lerman served in the military until 1968.  He is now
retired and loves playing the guitar and teaching others to
enjoy music. The Story of Jack Carl was written for his new
grandson Jack. It tells Jack what each person in his life is
going to teach him as he grows up. The illustrations are
amazing and the story is written in Old English.
Vernon Weaver has had many careers: teacher, minister,
machinist, maintenance, entrepreneur, and inventor. He  holds
4 patents and is still designing and creating new innovations
that will help us in our everyday life. His entire life has been to
challenge and better himself and others along the way.
 is a true story of the life of Vernon Weaver. He has
had many challenges and found ways to succeed and make
this world a better place. You will laugh, cry, and cheer him on!
An Amazing man! Contact Vernon at or
Shari Parker


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Everyone has heard of Jesse and Frank James and the exciting life they led.
There is one part of their lives that not too many people know about. Jesse and
Frank were the masterminds of more than 26 raids. They seemed to always
return back home to Clay County, Missouri.
      This book is a fictional story of Alan James (younger brother of Jesse and
Frank). Follow Alan and Mi on a treacherous trail from Montana to Alaska.
There could stake out their 180 acre land from the government.