Shari Parker is the creator, owner and manager of Shari Parker
Publishing and Printing. She has published 100s of manuals, 1,000
s  of cookbooks, 1000s of novels and 2 novels of her own.  Shari’s
company creates, illustrates, edits, prints, binds and publishes
novel for her authors.  She is a public speaker, sales/marketing
coach and has written the workbook WRITE! PUBLISH! AND SELL
YOUR BOOK! It is a write-along workbook for beginning writers
that gives them all the hand-holding guidance and examples they
need to get started. Hit Your Target $ell More Books will be
released in 2014. Shari has a BS in Elementary Education and a
Masters in Administration. She loves her career and working
personally with her authors. Contact Shari Parker at 903-933-6273,,
Writing was a third career for William Carl.  First a banker then a
research chemist and now a novelist. Carl has a BBA. BS, and MS,
plus professional Certifications in several fields. Active in the
arts, he has written and directed public access TV presentations
for a Christian Gospel singing group, performed in a local music
theater and directed a church choir for several years.
Books by William Carl: UNTIL TOMORROW A Christian Mystery,
DARING TO LOVE,  A poignant romance,  MY PRIZE,  A techno-
murder mystery, DEMON IN THE DARK, An action adventure
thriller,  EVIL SON-RISE,  Sequel to DEMON.  SKIN DEEP,  A unique
detective story,  STEALING A LIFE,  A mystery of changing lives,
Available on Kindle and Amazon.  Bill went home in 2013. We miss
him every day.  Please contact us for book purchase.
Paula Whittington is the proud mother of Kasey Whittington, who
is also a writer for our Publishing House Family.   Paula is writing
her novel of her first hand experiences in dealing with
teenagers. Her book is about her daughter and two fictitious
friends. We are very excited about having Paula with our family of
writers . Paula sold all her books the first day they were
Contact Paula Whittington at 903-556-6254,
Pamela Lerman has suffered through years of depression.  
Follow her amazing story from the tragic beginning to victory.  
She wouldn’t stop searching until she found the answer for
feeling great and living a happy, healthy life.  Her inspirational
story is amazing and anyone who has suffered with any type of
depression can relate.  By creating a balance of sleep, exercise,
medication, diet and goal-setting, she has found the gems that
help her in maintaining a life with depression.  Her novel,
FINDING D’GEMS was released in November, 2011.  Pamela sold
all her books the first day they were delivered!!! Contact Pamela
Lerman at 903-219-7121  Available on Kindle and
Bill B. Dareing is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (then
Oklahoma A&M College) graduating with a B.S. degree in
Mechanical Engineering in 1956. He has a Master’s Degree in
Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma (1965). He
retired from Halliburton Company in 1994 after 38 years of
service. His professional career included 15 years in international
service living in England and Scotland with his family. During this
time with Halliburton, he traveled extensively throughout the
world. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Oklahoma and
a Charter Engineer in the United Kingdom. The Bits and Piece
series of 6 books of fun, laughter and jokes is available on   Volume I,II,III, and IV are available on Amazon and
Contact Bill Dareing at 940-387-0492
Allen Martin was a professor at University of Texas, Tyler for 32
years. He loves writing about political and history based novels.  
He and Doug Shryock coauthored The BLUEBONNET BATTLEFIELD
Allen's other projects are RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS IN THE
– 2013,   the new “1984”   A Novel.  President Obama changed the
United States radically; by 2013 he was setting the trap to take
over our children.  How could this be happening?  For starters,
we sat and watched, not believing it would really happen.  
Michael and Ashley are caught in the middle of the turmoil after
Obama's second term.  His plan is under way, and we have to take
back America.  But can we?  Released November 2011. Available
on Kindle and Amazon.  Contact Allen Martin at  903-566-1885   
Michael Humphries was born and raised in a small community
near DeKalb, Texas called Hubbard Chapel.  Michael says one of
the best things the Lord gave him was a good memory.  He has
always loved old stories, some funny, some true to life. His
writing has become a passion. His grandparents and their
experiences inspired many of his stories.  He loved their old
home place and it was like a second home to him.  Michael says
his parents and other relatives contributed to his stories as
well. Michael worked at Red River Army Depot starting from 1976
until he took an early retirement in 1997.  He then drove a truck
for 3 ½ years.  Afterwards, Michael went back to work for Red
River as a contractor.   Michael is our top seller so far for 2012!!  
Contact Michael Humphries at
Kasey Whittington is 10 yrs. old and loves to read and write
stories. She is an avid soccer player.  Kasey loves animals and
puts that love in her writing.  She has 2 cats, and 2 dogs and
reads her stories to them.  This is her first book and she is
writing more every day. Jack and the Baby Husky is a wonderful
story of discovery, love, and a happy ending.  When we find an
animal that is lost and afraid, we find the love to do what we can
to make things right.  The story is beautiful and will make your
heart fall in love with Jack, the Baby Husky and Kasey.
JACK AND THE BABY HUSKY      Released January 27, 2012
Rocky Schrecengost is an artist and Children’s book creator.
He loves watching children play and has a beautiful eye for fun
and also creating original characters. His book Muds Pups is
selling as fast as we can print them! It is a precious, fun story of
4 pups that have tires instead of feet. Follow the adventure of
the 3-book series. First book, Mud Pup Adventures, Let’s Roll!.
Second is Mud Pups Adventures Off to the Vet!  Third is Mud
Pups Adventures Santa’s Helpers.  These books are great for
children and are 8 1/2” x 11”.  All 3 books are available on Contact Rocky at 903-952-1977,
Shari Parker


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