All of the cookbooks we create are "one of a kind". Here are a few examples. We make it so
easy for your group. We work with you any way we can! You collect the recipes and we
create a beautiful original cookbook.
Your group can be involved every step of the way!
We ask for special color pictures of your group or family. Those pictures are created into
12 different pages for your category dividers.
We publish 1,000s of cookbooks every year in our own print shop.
Call us to discuss your exciting cookbook project!
It is a great way to raise funds for your group.
Everyone Loves Cookbooks!!
New Boston Heritage
for New
Boston Chamber of
Commerce fundraiser
Jones Family
Marilyn Barron
Cooking for the Cure, a
fundraiser for finding a
cure for Breast Cancer
We created and
published the cookbook
for Jill Whittington.
Garden of Eden Edibles
Cookbook for Shari
Parker to raise funds for
Manna Kitchen in New
Boston, who feed people
who are in need.
We have 6, front and back, category pages in your cookbook, with pictures of your
group, family, or organization, in full color, back and front.
The cookbook is filled with colorful, personal touches!

We create a
pre-sale letter
FREE for your
group to announce
the upcoming
cookbook and to
take orders.
It really works to let
people pre-pay and
order more
Old Recipes to Grace your
DeKalb First
Methodist Church
Feasting on God's
Faith Methodist Church
in Michigan
Shari Parker
All cookbook recipes need to be typed by
your group before we can publish your
cookbook. We recommend using the
AccuChef Recipe Program. It can be
downloaded to your computer. It is  
available on AccuChef.com. Very
reasonably priced and easy to use. We
can show you how easy it is to use
We would love to create and publish your
cookbook. It is so exciting working with
groups, families and churches for this
fundraiser. Look below for examples.