Shari Parker
Additional Services
available for all Authors
All of these services are
available for a fee to any
author, even those who
do not publish with us.
Editing Services

     When I travel to book shows, workshops, and conventions, I look at all
the books that are being sold. I can tell if it is self-published by the
formatting. It is just a shame that all writers don't have their books
professionally edited and formatted. If you are going to sell your book
anywhere, please have a professional create your book format and pay to
have a professional read, edit, and critique your book. If you do not do this,
and someone buys your book, if it is not industry quality, they may never buy
another one you write. First impression is all you have in selling your book.

     We read, critique, make suggestions for editing, you decide whether we
make them or not. There has never been any manuscript we have edited or
formatted where the author did not agree to make the changes.
Your manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word program, 8.5”x 11”
double-spaced. Please send to us by email, DVD, or flash drive. One of our
professional editors will read and review your manuscript. The editor will
make suggestions in the following areas: spelling, word usage, content,
flow of book, punctuation, and grammar. The suggested edits will be made
in colored ink on your manuscript. You will be able to see what corrections
need to be made. Our editors are very thorough and all suggestions have
been accepted by all of our authors and clients. If you would like to discuss
our process or have questions, please contact us.
Sales and Marketing Package

    You have your books ready to sell, but now where do you sell them?
Family and friends have helped, but there are still boxes of your books
sitting around.
     We have created a Sales and Marketing Package for you that includes:
unlimited bookmarks, brochures, and business cards. We design each item
with a picture of your book cover, information about your book, a short
biography of you and your picture. It also includes contact information and
where your book can be purchased.  

    The Sales and Marketing Package includes all of these services:

1. We define your target market and determine the best way to sell to that
2. We work with you on how to give speeches and where and how to book
the event.   
3. You will receive a list of 60 target markets that are in your area.  
4. Each month you receive an email from us with tips for selling,
information about the book industry, contests, and a calendar of upcoming
5. You will be added to our Author Family newsletter list, and also our
printed newsletter, that is given to all attendees of book shows,
conventions, workshops, and our authors. It includes your picture, short
biography, book title, and where your book can be purchased.  
6. You will be featured on two pages on this webpage under Meet Our
Authors and Books For Sale.
7. We market your books through Facebook and other social media.  
work together and sell books!
We can upload to Amazon and Kindle for you..                                                     
Contact us for more information.