Step 1- Your manuscript must be in 12 point font, New Times Roman, double spaced on 8 1/2" x 11"
size and in Microsoft Word program.

Step 2- Submit the first three chapters and the final chapter, at a minimum. If you would like to
submit more, we would certainly read it. Please include a Table of Contents if you have it. Also
include a short biography, summary, and any cover ideas you have.

Step 3- We receive submissions through email attachment to, or through the
mail, in print, DVD, or flash drive. We do not accept submissions by fax.

Step 4- Our address to mail your submission is: Shari Parker, 2785 CR 3103, New Boston, Texas
75570. Please purchase tracking number for the package. Email us to let us know it is coming.

Step 5- We will contact you through email or telephone, to let you know we received it and a
possible date that our review will be complete.

Step 6- If we are interested in publishing your manuscript, we will suggest the package that would
be right for you. If we can not accept your manuscript for publication we will tell you why and delete
your submission. If we feel that  revisions can be made and if made, we would then be interested,
we will make suggestions to enhance your book. It is your decision if you want to revise your book.

Step 7- We do not charge for reading submissions of your manuscripts. We love to see writers
expand their talents and create a wonderful book.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the submission guideline, please contact
Shari Parker
We would love to read your manuscript. It is easy and
completely safe for you to share with us. We are very
trustworthy and never share your work with anyone. It
stays in-house with us. Follow these simple steps and
we will read, evaluate, and contact you about your
book. If we determine your manuscript is a good fit for
us, we will contact you and discuss how we can assist
you and move forward. If it is not a good fit, we will let
you know and make recommendations.
Submit Your
Manuscript for Review