Our Step by Step Process is so simple

Step 1- We meet /talk with you and read a few of the chapters you have written. Or email it to
us @ sharipar@yahoo.com. We will talk with you about your manuscript and what we can
provide you as a publisher. We are Christian Publishers, we publish all genre except heavy
Romance,  Vampire, and Adult Romance.

Step 2- We help you with some decisions about how we can publish your book and what we
offer for you.

Step 3- We format your manuscript into Microsoft Word 5 1/2" x 8 1/2 " book. That is to
determine how many pages your book will be. If your manuscript needs to be typed, we
charge $.40 per page. The number of pages determine the cost of publishing your book.

Step 4- We contact you and tell you the number of pages in your book and what the cost will
be for us to publish your books. Cost per book depends on size, pictures, color pages, and
number of pages. You can your book for double the price of the printing. Our minimum
order, first printing, is 150 books. We provide the ISBN and Barcode numbers, copyright, and
Library of Congress number for your book.

Step 5- When we become your publisher we require a payment at that time. It is for editing,
proofing, layout and designing the cover.

Step 5- Your book is edited and proofed and we discuss all recommended changes with you
before it is revised. When you approve the changes, we create your book. We will send you  
the final copy for you to approve before we print. You will need to provide us with all other
pages: biography, synopsis, picture and dedication. We will help you with all of these.

Step 6- If you do not have a title we can help you create one that is appropriate for your book
content.  We design the cover together, or you may choose to hire an illustrator. Once your
book is approved by both of us,  the total cost for printing is due before any books are
printed. It is the total of the cost of the book times 150, plus 15% shipping for UPS.

Step 7. We print your book, minimum 150 books first  order, any orders for reprint after that
are minimum 50 books.  

Step 8. Your book is printed and bound and delivered to you.  If it has to be shipped, add
15% to the total of the cost of the books. Along with your book order you receive FREE 50
business cards 50 brochures for you to mail to contacts.

Step 9- We will work with you on the sales and marketing of your book. We will suggest
where to sell your books, sales techniques, and closing strategies.  We have a very
successful marketing plan for each of our writers. AND IT"S FREE!

Step 10- Once your books are shipped to you, we upload to Amazon.com, in paperback, and
in eBook format to Kindle.com.  Amazon will email us when your book sells and we ship to
the buyer. Immediately, we email you that you have sold a book and we will give you the
name and address of the person who bought the book. We write royalty checks to our  
authors every 4 months for sales on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.

Step 11. The entire process, determined by your manuscript, and the amount of edits
required,  usually takes 3 to 4 months.

As you can see, we are with you all the way. We create a personal relationship with
you and teach you what you need to know to make a best selling book. Your book!

We do not have contracts with any of our authors. We are a Christian Publishing
Company and work with integrity and trust.

Shari Parker Publishing is the "unique" publishing company. We involve you in every
step of the process and provide mentoring and marketing advice free.

We are also the only company that work with you in sales and marketing your book.


Contact us if you want more information or want to work with US!

shari Parker                       903-933-6273               sharipar@yahoo.com
                     2785 CR 3103      New Boston, Texas 75570

How we work with our Writers
from Start to Finish!
Shari Parker
Please read our STEP BY STEP PROCESS
below: Call us if you have any questions. If
possible, we would like to meet you in person
and visit. Our writers have a strong bond
within our Shari Parker Publish House Family.
We would love you to be part of it.
When we travel to books shows, events, and
conferences, we market all of our authors
together. We bring your books, Newsletters,
and have show boards with your book covers
displayed. We are the only publisher that
promotes our authors free in this professional
manner. It means more exposure for you!