"Working with Shari Parker is a fresh breath of air for me. After three
other publishers, I found Parker to be a place where there was
personal service and cooperation with individual treatment. We could
talk to Shari in person. She had great suggestions. She was more
accommodating than any other publishers and fun to work with!
Shari's creative input to enhance my work and enthusiasm to produce
a quality product, were more than I could have expected anywhere
else. Parker published two of my novels,
Stealing A Life and The Devil
You Don't Se,e
in less time than others managed to produce one
"Just a few weeks ago, I became acquainted with Shari Parker. I had
been praying for quite some time before our meeting, that my Lord
direct me to the company where He wanted to get His book(s )printed
world."  Positive feedback was all she gave. Since then, I have seen
how she works. I have respect for this dedicated woman. It is quite
obvious that her focus is completely on getting the job that needs to
be done, finished, and presented with quality. I certainly am ready and
look forward to sharing many hours of hard work, leading to the
completion of all projects! Thank you Shari, for believing that I can do
all things through Christ, who strengthens me!  Linda Jaeger
"Working with Shari Parker Publishing is a pleasure. Ms. Shari has
inspired me tremendously into finding that "author" hidden in me. Not
only is she my publisher, but more importantly, she is my friend."
Pastor David Dotson
"I met Shari Parker in October of 2011, and she published my book
Finding The D'Gems in November that same year. I found Shari to be
honest, knowledgeable, and pleasant, which makes her very easy to
work with. She gives you the freedom to do things with your book that
the big publishers don't. I have never seen anyone that works as hard
as she does and she soon made me feel part of the writing team. I love
her to death and hope to continue working with her." Pamela Lerman
"Often my stories have difficulty fitting into a precise genre boxes. I
needed a publisher whose vision went beyond the genre parameters.
Shari felt Rock and a Hard Place was “an important book,” one she was
proud to publish. Going beyond the personal story this is a book of
world history. She wasn’t bothered that it has two points of view and
the character's age. Shari also markets the books she publishes and I
appreciate it."    Deaana K. Klingel
"I had just finished the final draft of my first book, when I found out
would be published so fast, and working with Shari has been a truly "I
had just finished the final draft of my first book, when I found out
remarkable experience. I always thought the whole publishing process
about a nearby publishing company in New Boston. I never thought I
would be difficult, but she makes it look so easy. I thank God for
opening the door to publishing with Shari." Paul E. Petty
"Working with Shari has been delightful. She has a sense of humor.
She is competent, honest, and I trust her. She was recommended to
me by a friend and at first meeting, I knew she was someone I wanted
to work with. I like to deal with people I can trust and depend on."           
Bill B. Dareing
"Shari was very helpful and patient with me during the entire process.
She led me through it step by step. She answered all the questions I
Valory Elliott
"Shari  published my autobiography last year and did a good job. So I
had her publish my second book,
Amazing Grace  A Walk With Cancer."
Paul Paris
"This has been a excellent experience and I’m enjoying the journey.
Shari was referred to me from another Brother in the Lord!"
Kelle Hein
"I trust Shari and feel the love and desire on her part to show my work
to others."
Ellie Taylor, Impressionistic Artist
"Shari made me an offer and stuck out her hand as a contract. I could
talk to her in person and look her in the eye. To  sum it up in a few
words, something I seldom do, I trust her."
Floyd Rumbaugh
"I decided to self-publish because I have a message to share! I’m too
impatient, maybe too far along in life, to hope to get a nod from a
Paula Rae Wallace
"I liked having a local publisher and Shari had enough drive and zeal
to make things happen. She took a personal interest in me and makes
me feel special."
Larry Black
"I was a speaker at the Lexicon Writer’s Conference in Denton, Texas
and Shari noticed that my books didn't have the techniques they really
needed to be a good book. Shari said she would help me with my
books and be my publisher. It was very exciting because she was my
first actual publisher."
Bridget Nye, 9 years old.
"Working with Shari, as my publisher, was a great experience."                
Dr. Jerry Hopkins, a Pastor and Professor of History.

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