Tales From My Rocker by Michael Humphries
This is a wonderful book of stories he created and those heard through his life.
He is so excited to share them with others. It has Family, Kids, Military, Pranks,
Outdoors and Uncles sections. The stories depict what it is like growing up in  
Northeast Texas and having family and friends around. Grab the book, a tall glass
of sweet tea and a comfortable rocking chair. This book is a delight and you will
really enjoy the humor.

Tales From The River by Michael Humphries.  It is filled
with stories, antics, and fun. His books are selling out  fast  as we can print them.
Pick up both books and enjoy a break for the afternoon. Both are available on
Amazon.com and Kindle.com
Charles Shafer's second book, is about his adventures with his brother Bill in their
world—Northeast Texas in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  He captures the magic and joy of being a kid in
Winfield, Texas.  His first book, The
View from the Chinaberry Tree: Coming of Age in Winfield, Texas,
is still available.  His second book,
The View from the Chinaberry Tree: Same Song, Second Verse,
not only examines the views of the child but the adult as well. Read both books and follow his exciting,
and fun life in Texas.
Write! Publish! & $ell Your
is a step by step workbook to teach you
how to write and really get that book
finished. It has tips and lessons to teach
you the easiest way to get started writing.  
The workbook explains how to sort and
organize your book in a fast and easy
system. Then you will learn all the ends
and outs of proofing, finding an agent,
publishing, and selling  your book. It is a
MUST HAVE for all beginning writers. . It is
available on Amazon.com.
The Devil You Don't See by William Carl
This is the eighth book from William Carl. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all see where the
devil is so we could avoid him? Even though Reverend Greg Post thinks his church and city are
secure, he is awakened to a terrible fact;  It is not! It is worse than he thinks. The criminals are in
league with the Devil and they are determined to destroy the Christians in Arcadia. Worst of all,
they want to exploit the children to do it. Greg and his prayer support must do serious spiritual
warfare in the battle. Can they succeed again?
This is a non-stop page turner and a true thrill ride to the very end.
It is available in eBook on Kindle.com and Amazon.com.
Jack and the Baby Husky
was written by Kasey Whittington, a 10 year old girl,  and it is her first book. It is a charming
story of a lost puppy and a little boy, Jack, who loved him and took him everyday to find the
husky's family. The story is heartwarming and makes you fall in love with the baby husky and
Jack. We are looking forward to publishing more books by Kasey.
Jack and the Baby Husky is only available for purchase through our Publishing House for $5.00
The Obama Youth, 2013  The New 1984
is the first book Allen Martin has published as a solo author.
President Obama changed the United States radically; by 2013 he was setting up the trap to take
over our children. How could this be happening?
For starters, we sat and watched not believing it would really happen. Michael and Ashley are
caught in the middle of the turmoil after Obama's second term.
His plan is underway, and we have to take back America. But can we?
The Obama Youth is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
Paul Paris' book, It's All Good  Life is an Adventure
is written as he talks to his two grown children about his life, love, loss, struggles, and
accomplishments.  Paul Paris is a retired Air Force pilot with over 3,500 hours in the B-52 aircraft.  
His career included assignments in Texas, Alabama, California, South Carolina, and Michigan.  He
has worked for several organizations after retirement including ten years in the banking industry.  
Paul owned his own bank security consulting business for two years before becoming a full-time
writer earlier this year.  As a stringer for the Longview News Journal, he covered more than 100
events in cities located within the Longview area.  His non-fiction work has appeared in Road & Rec
international magazine and
A Treasure Box, the latest book compiled by the North East Texas
Writers Organization.
Dr. Ken Howard's book
The Case of the Soiled Bride is a history of the church and where we should be and where we
really are.
Are we doing what God really wants us to do? Is the Church off track by worrying and spending
millions on big, comfortable and fancy churches?
Are we ministering the word to the world?
This well researched book makes you think about what we are and what we need to be doing for
Christ's Church.  Available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
Willard Holliday has written 20 Bible Study workbooks that are available
to purchase through our Publishing House Family,  call us at
903-933-6273  or Willard, at  903-573-1856. Here are 12 of the 20 to show
you what is available. For a complete list and order form, call us and we
will email or mail it to you. His books are study workbooks that walk you
through the process of learning and studying. They are  bound with coil
or comb binding and easy to use. Group rates available.
Mud Pups Adventures
Introducing the MUD PUPS
The Mud Pups Adventures ® is a brand new children’s book series about some
awesome pups with a unique way of getting around – they have mud tires!  The
Mud Pups will be your child’s favorite new pets….no feeding, walking or poop-
scooping  required!
We hope you enjoy the first book, “Let’s Roll!”
“Off to the Vet!”   and  coming soon  “Santa’s Helpers”
Visit our websites for fun, unique Mud Pups items:
www.mud-pups.com       www.mudpups.webs.com
We have the Mud Pups stuffed animals for sale!
For more information about the MUD PUPS contact:
Rocky Schrecengost  is the illustrator and writer of these three beautiful books.
Finding D’Gems
Pamela Lerman has suffered through years of depression.  Follow her amazing story from the
tragic beginning to victory.  She wouldn’t stop until she found the answer for feeling great and living
a happy, healthy life.  Her inspirational story is amazing and anyone who has suffered with any type
of depression can relate.  By creating a balance of sleep, exercise, medication, diet and goal-
setting, she has found the gems that help her in maintaining a life with depression. Her book is
available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
The Breath of Life by Paula Whittington
The life, the joys, and the support of having three close girl friends growing up, until one day “real
life” begins. You will be taken from their pre-teen years, to their approaching senior year of high
school. The three best friends will find not only true friendship, but also learn that life without God
is a road no one truly wants to travel.
Congratulations to Larry D. Black. His 10-book series is a fictional family in the old country. He takes
you through the grandparents, parents, children and grandchild  of this fictional family. It has suspense,
murder, struggles, success and family values. His books are available on Amazon for $15.00 each and
through Larry  D. Black @ 903-588-4253, or from our publishing house, 903-933-6273. Welcome to the
Family!! Larry lives in Northeast Texas and lives near Blodgett, Texas. He and his wife, Martha, own Little
Creek Farms, Boer Goat Farm.
Writers include:
William Carl. Janice Glass, Ross Jones, Jackie Brown, Haylee Wren and Alan Wren.
Available from any contributing  writer or Amazon.com
Act of Honor by Valory Elliott

Mallory is having nightmares about her sister being in trouble. She can't shake that feeling.
Her sister, Becky, calls with an immediate message. “ I have to talk to you. I am on my way to see
Becky never shows up and the search is on.
Becky has proof of a plot that there will be an assassination at the Inauguration of the President of
the United States.
While Mallory looks for her sister, the IRO (International Russian Organization) puts their plan in
place.   The SOFA (Special Operations Force Agency) races to make sure they can stop the
In the midst of fear, danger and turmoil, love finds a way in

Act of Revenge ...The adventure continues!!!! The SOFA team has moved to Colorado, but
trouble is still everywhere.
What's The Bible Got To Do With It? by Kelle Heine
For common answers to some  uncommon questions, the Bible is your reference!
Available on Amazon.com and Kindle.
Floyd Rumbaugh has been writing stories and poetry for a half century. He mixes fiction
or fact with his personal experiences both good and bad. The stories are intertwined with
humor and philosophy that keep readers wanting more. You will thoroughly enjoy
Passing Thru.
All of his "latest" best are here in this wonderful fun book.

The Wright Family Saga released March, 2014 is a wonderful adventure Journeys to
America 1762,  Graveyard Dead 1832 , Campfire Angel 1867                                    
Vernon Weaver is a novelist and inventor. Vernon has had many careers: teacher, minister,
machinist, maintenance, entrepreneur, and inventor. He holds 4 patents and is still designing and
creating new innovations that will help us in our everyday life. His entire life has been to challenge and
better himself and others along the way.
 INVENT AMERICA  is a true story of the life of Vernon
Weaver. He has had many challenges and found ways to succeed and make this world a better place.
You will laugh, cry and cheer him on! An Amazing man! The book is available though Amazon.com and
In His Own Words by Jerry D. Hatfield
This autobiography covers the eight decades in the life of a simple country boy who was blessed
with loving parents, good luck, a dedicated spouse and caring friends, all of which helped him
succeed far beyond his own expectations. Varied career paths over the many years included       
mechanics, teaching, photography. and perhaps the most satisfying task, writing.
“Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid!” John Wayne
Amazing Faith  A Walk With Cancer by Paul Paris

Life happens. It thrills our hearts, breaks us down, and burdens our souls. Sometimes our spirit
is smothered and we feel helpless. Faith is what holds us together and prevents life’s            
avalanches from completely crushing us; it enables us to face another day.
This book is about my wife’s four years with cancer. From the initial diagnosis until the end, she
didn’t complain, whine, or wonder why God had chosen her to acquire the disease. She put
everything into God’s hands and didn’t  lament her misfortune. Neither did I. She had faith. I
wonder what happens to those who don’t have any. What do they hold on to?
Bits And Pieces
Bill B. Dareing is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (then Oklahoma A&M College)
graduating with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1956. He has a Master’s Degree in
Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma (1965).
He retired from Halliburton Company in 1994 after 38 years of service. His professional career
included 15 years in international service living in England and Scotland with his family. During
this time with Halliburton, he traveled extensively throughout the world. He is a registered
Professional Engineer in Oklahoma and a Charter Engineer in the United Kingdom.
He was ordained as a Deacon in 1964 by First Baptist Church in Duncan, Oklahoma and was
recently licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry by First Baptist Church, Valley View,
Texas, just two months short of his 80th birthday.
He currently lives with his wife, Dorothy, of 57 years, on acreage in North Texas where they
raise cattle and enjoy their children and grandchildren. They are both active in their church in
Valley View. All of his books are available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
The Miracle On FM 1735 written by Dr. Jerry Wesson
The History of Northeast Texas Community College
It is available in paperback, color or black and white, and also hardback. The history book begins
at conception and tells of the amazing journey to where the college is today and how the
community has supported it and the students have succeeded. This book is available through the
Shari Parker's new book,  Make Thousands of $ Selling Your Book! is available
on Amazon.com and Kindle.com
Shari takes you through "The Seven Hooks of a Book" to
make sure the writer has all the bases covered for an excellent book. Shari has 40 years of Sales
and Marketing and puts all of that knowledge and experience in this book. She gives the reader
60+ markets to use to sell their book. Each one is explained: why and how to use them. A

for all writers who want to sell thousands of books.
The Growing Adventure A History of Clever Creek Baptist Church by Dr. Jerry
The church is more than just a human organization or institution.  It is an institution of sorts, but
it is far more than just a formal, duly-constituted, registered institution. The church is not just
one person.  The church is not just a human institution or organization.  The church is a living
body, an organic entity, manifesting the presence and power of the Living God through the living
individuals who make up its being.
Rock and A Hard Place by Deanna Klingel
Historical events become personal when told by those who were part of the events. This
true story, walking a narrow balance between history and romance, is the love story of a
boy, a girl and their country. Born in 1930, they live carefree healthy childhoods in
prosperous Lithuania. All that changes for them at age nine with the invasion of Russia.
What does that mean for Roman Catholic families? What does it mean for Lithuania?
Purchase on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
Ellie Taylor is a Impressionist Colorist with 30 + years experience. Her paintings are in
galleries all over the country. She loves to hold workshops and tell stories while she paints a
finished painting in 30 minutes. She is a bundle of joy and so sweet. We are so pleased to be
Celebration of Texas. Each painting is amazing and the detail is incredible. Her book will
be released in April 2014. It will be available on Amazon.com.
Bridget Nye
Bridget has written three exciting
children's books.
Bridget's Trips is about
her family vacations.
The School Yard
Crazy Summer
is a mystery about friends
on summer vacation.  
Mystery Mountain is
a mystery about friends during Christmas
Vacation. All of her books are great and fun
for all ages.  Available on Amazon.com and
As a pastor's wife for more than thirty-five years, Paula Rae Wallace, has been aware of sad and
defeated Christian ladies!  Whether they were married, single, widowed, ministry wives, they
hadn't really discovered how much is available to them in Christ!
It is a sad thing when Christian women make time for everything under the sun, except for what
their hearts really long for! They become bitter and frustrated with their mates, and life in
general! They 'Fight and war; yet they have not because they ask not…"
And they don't ask for more because they don't realize the wealth available to them in Christ!
For this reason, Paula has a burden to share with women who they can be, what they can do,
and where they can soar~in Christ!
Kelsey M. Jackson is a senior in high school in Marshal, Texas. She received the Dr. Martin
Luther King Humanitarian Award in January 2014.  
Essence  A Collection of Poems, is her first
published book. It is filled with love, hope, struggles and successes.  
Her book is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
Annis Jones, Time With The Lord,  has written a great book as a journal for you to keep
track of your daily study of the Bible and help you study with the Lord everyday.
Her book is available on Amazon.com
Dr. Ray McDonald holds a Doctorate in Applied Gerontology, a Master’s
in Social Work, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He has over 20 years of
hands on experience working with children, youth, families, and the elderly.
He has been employed in both the private and public sectors, working of
non-profit and for-profit organizations. Dr. McDonald’s objective is to utilize
his knowledge, skills, and educational background to inspire individuals.
His book
Growing Mature Not Old: Do Not Be Alarmed ,will help you
overcome misconceptions about aging, realize life is not over, consistently
have hope, and never give up! Contact Ray McDonald  raymcd7@yahoo.com
Noelle M. Hood, Let's Play In The Dirt!
Her alias is The Garden Gal owns and operates North Texas Garden School.
An occasional garden contributor to the Dallas Morning News, she authors
monthly garden columns in the Cross Timbers Gazette of Denton County,
Texas; in the Gilmer Mirror of Gilmer, Texas and a weekly garden article for
the Cypress Basin Master Gardeners Association in the Mount Pleasant
Daily Tribune of Mount Pleasant, Texas. Her book is available though our
publishing house.
Outdoor Adventures are only a few of the hunting stories that V. Ross Jones has
experienced. Ross was born in Linden, Texas. At the age of 1 year old, his parents moved to
Texarkana, Texas. He graduated high school in 1958 and went into the military.
These hunting and fishing trips were afforded to him through locations all over the U.S. and
Alaska, while in the military.           
His book
Outdoor Adventure Stories  Hunting  Fishing is available on Amazon.com.  and
Ben Hagins has written a wonderful book of inspiration and hope. Slice of Heaven. His
narratives and poems are uplifting and motivating. Anyone in your family, or friends,
coworkers, or associates will enjoy this book.
Ben is a Baylor fan to the core. His book is available on Amazon.com and Kindle.com.
Shari Parker
Select the book you are
interested in and double click
on the book to go straight  to
Amazon to purchase.
Understanding the Alzheimer Patient: Strategies and
Coping by Dr. Ray McDonald is a wonderful, helpful guide
for Alzheimer patients and those who care for them.
The Obama Youth Sequel Hillary Strikes. Here I move from Obama Youth —2013
to 2018, a little more than a year after Hillary Clinton takes office as President. Obama
was not interested in or able to take a third term as he had planned. He thus had to turn
the Obama Youth project to his successor, Hillary who salivated for the chance to control
America’s youth and their families. Not surprising to everyone, the Congress turned
Democrat with so many more Republican seats in play than Democrats. That together
with the miserably weak showing by the leadership of the House and Senate, voters had
no compulsion to maintain the old failures.  Hillary, therefore, had no need to simply
legislate by executive action; she began immediately to rule with the consent of
The Treacherous Trail.
Everyone has heard of Jesse and Frank James and the exciting life they led. There is
one part of their lives that not too many people know about. Jesse and Frank were the
masterminds of more than 26 raids. They seemed to always return back home to Clay
County, Missouri.
This book is a fictional story of Alan James (younger brother of Jesse and Frank).
Follow Alan and Mi on a treacherous trail from Montana to Alaska. There could stake
out their 180 acre land from the government.
A.J. Chilson was born in Dallas, Texas in 1984. He has been a writer for much of his
adult life; mostly as a poet and opinion writer. Aside from being a writer, A.J. is a big
sports fan who likes to spend the fall and winter months watching football. Uncle Jack
Choices for Life is Chilson's first children's book, which is loosely revolved around his
Christian testimony. Currently, he lives in Princeton, Texas.
Understanding The Alzheimer's Patient: Stragegies and Coping.
Worldwide, Alzheimer’s disease has afflicted nearly twenty seven million persons.  
Presently, 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease.  This number is
expected to grow to as many as 16 million by 2050 in this country alone.  There will be
one in 85 people living with the disease. While we have seen deaths tied to other
chronic conditions decrease, the numbers of people impacted by Alzheimer’s
disease  continues to grow.
This book covers: Alzheimer’s Disease Defined, Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease,  
Strategies when Assisting The  Alzheimer’s Patient, The Caregiver
Learn what you should know about the disease and how your family can assist in
caring for the patient.
The Making of a Man is the autobiography of the life of Col. Kay Wieland Retired. His
88 years, 60+years of marriage, his daughter, Diana, and 28 years in the army. His
story of his life is full of adventures and  great stories.
Julian B. Johnston's book Thanks be to God This "Phantom
Raider" Survived
is an accurate  account of his service as a
helicopter piot in Vietnam. It includes many pictures of the real
attacks, Available on Amazon.